This project aims to highlight the use of the Leighton Library in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and to look into the lives of some of its individual borrowers.

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About the Borrowers Blog: For more on the project and the types of library records used.

Leighton Borrowers Event: Highlights from the Launch Event and Display (Stirling University Library, 28 March 2017)

Individual Borrowers

John Ramsay of Ochtertyre (1736-1814) Writer, Patron and Landowner.

William Sheriff (c.1765-1832) Minister of St Ninians 1788-1823.

Mr Stewart, Surgeon in Dunblane

Mrs Dalzell visiting Dunblane in 1813 to take the waters.

D Munro, Grammar School Boy, Stirling


John Ramsay of Ochtertyre: Table of Recorded Borrowings (1785-1814)

William Sheriff: Table of Recorded Borrowings (1790-1806)

Mr Stewart, Surgeon in Dunblane: Table of Recorded Borrowings (1800-1804)

Mrs Dalzell: Table of Recorded Borrowings (1813)

D Munro: Table of Recorded Borrowings (1821-1828)