Launch Event & Display

The Launch Event for this site, which comprised of a small exhibition accompanied by a talk, took place on Tuesday 28th March 2017. Here are some highlights from the display:


Leighton MS 25

Leighton Library matriculation book Oct 31 1734-1814 (Leighton MS 25)

Following a decision to charge a subscription to those wishing to borrow from the library, this book records the names of those who “matriculated”. A large portion of these subscribers never borrowed from the collection, and a great number who do not appear to have matriculated do appear in the borrowers’ register. The few letters held as MS 28 seem to indicate that subscribers could write in support of others to borrow books on their account. Many subscribers also seem to have paid in general support of the library, rather than with the intention to borrow or use as reference.

Leighton MS 27

Register of borrowings from the Leighton Library 1780-1833 (Leighton MS 27)

The main source for borrowers from the Leighton Library. This opening includes a rare example of a reader recording their own borrowing: John Ramsay of OchtertMistakeyre signed out “Rapin’s History” on a new page, when there was still room left under his previous borrowings. The Keeper of the Books ensured the mistake was correctly attributed.

Leighton MS 30

Register of borrowings from the Library by short-term visitors 1815- 1833 (Leighton MS 30)

Referred to as “the water book”, it records those taking advantage of short-term membership of the library while visiting Dunblane, due in no small part to the increase in visitors to the town following the discovery of mineral springs nearby in 1813. It contains the borrowings of over 100 individuals, who usually register for a fortnight for the sum of two shillings and six pence.


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